FORD F-250 Review


FORD F-250 Review

The Ford F-250 is one of the most largest and mobile trucks out on the market today. In this thorough review we will be going through why the F-250 is one of the best ford trucks to have and all of its features.


Gas and Fuel Economy

If you are looking for a big truck that is good on gas than this is a very good choice. The F-250 has a V-8 engine that is supercharged and intercooled 32 valve diesel. It has 6 speed automatic transmission with an option of manual shifting. With a top speed of 95mph this big truck goes from zero to 60 7.6 seconds flat. This vehicle also has an astounding 440 horsepower.


Body Styles

The F-250 comes in a number of different styles and models. It has tinted windows, externally adjustable mirrors and trailing tower preparation. The interior is in a class of its own with:

  • Outside Temperature Indicator
  • Fixed Mast Antenna
  • Outside Air Temperature Indicator
  • Dashboard Console
  • Power Steering
  • Low Tire Pressure Indicator
  • Cargo Area Light
  • 2 12v power outlets

and much much more… This F-250 is big and stylish on the outside and sleek on the inside. Great truck for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer with its state of the art ventilation system.




This truck is not just big for no reason it’s also big on safety too. Some of the safety features that the F-250 comes with is:

  • Front Curtain Airbag
  • Two Front Seat Head Restraints
  • Belt Minder (to remind to put on your seat belt)
  • Child Tethers
  • Post Crash Alert System

Sometimes accidents happen. You can be sure to be safe in this vehicle with airbags in place in almost every corner of this truck. This truck is larger than most so if you do happen to get into an accident there is a towing company that can tow this large vehicle. To visit their site click here.



The Ford F-250 is a great truck to have and is personally one of my favorites. Starting at 35,000 it is well worth its price and over. The F-250 is an excellent choice when it comes to pickups.


2015 GMC Canyon Extended Cab Review

In the past few years there have been plenty of amazing trucks to come out on the market but when it comes to the 2015 GMC Canyon Extended Cab this one vehicle that has done fairly well on the market of “top trucks to buy”. With everything from the top interior design to a top-of-the-line safety system you can depend on the GMC Canyon to be a good choice for you.


Gas and Fuel Economy

The GMC Canyon has an estimated 22mpg and puts out 200 horsepower because of its 2.5–liter four-cylinder engine.  A six speed manual transmission with a four-wheel drive.  It also has a v6 and rear wheel drive and goes from zero to 60mph in 7.4.


Body Styles

The GMC Canyon is a midsize pickup offered in either 2 seats , 4 seats or 5 seats. It has amazing led headlights which are daytime ran and 16in alloy wheels. You have an option of keyless entry this vehicle also comes with a rear window defogger and Bluetooth phone audio connect . Plenty of specs if you are into that.



Everyone cares about how safe they are in their vehicle. With the GMC Canyon you will never have to question that. This is one of the safest vehicles on the market today with a state of the art airbag system, rear vision camera, tire pressure monitor system, forward collision alert and much much more… The safety of this vehicle is 2nd to none.



The 2015 GMC Canyon Extended Cab is one of the safest trucks on the market today and has a ton of specs and features and starting at a fair price of 27,000 we would say that this is an excellent vehicle to invest in.



2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Review

The 2015 Chevorlet Silverado is truly a one of a kind truck. Ranging from its safety features to its fuel economy you will find nothing else like it…maybe close, but not just like it.


Body Styles

This 2015 Chevrolet pickup offers a ton of cargo-bed/cab configurations. Aslo 2 and 4 wheel drive. The bed comes in a 6.5ft standard or an 8.2ft standard.  It has 17in wheels, air conditioning, tinted glass, usb port and an aux port as well. Always wanted a truck that started remotely? Well this Chevrolet offers that option with 8in touch screen display,  driver seat memory settings, and a rearview camera. This vehicle can tow anywhere from 6,000 to 11,500 pounds.


Fuel Economy

The 2015 Chevrolet has a standard v6 engine with a 5.3 liter engine fuel saving deactivation system. The driving dynamics are some of the best available with this size of a truck, this truck is also very quiet. It is agile around turns and has great steering even off-road as well. It has 19mpg too.




When it comes to having a sleek design this is the truck you want to have.  Every Silverado has high-quality materials and voice commands. It has very comfortable padded seats. You will never have to worry about outside noise again. The best part about the cargo bed is that there are rear handholds built into each rear corner.



When it comes to safety this vehicle is 2nd to none. It has a ton of outstanding features that will for sure impress you and have you feeling safer than ever on the road.    The Silverado 1500 Crew Cab comes with:

  • Antilock disc brakes
  • Front, rear, and side curtain airbags
  • Rearview camera
  • Forward collision warning systems
  • Rear parking sensors


This Silverado earned a perfect 5 star rating when it took the government crash test. This car is rated 5 stars when it comes to safety and you cannot get better than that.



If you are looking for an amazingly affordable, stylish, safe top-of-the-line truck. This should probably be your 1st choice.  Starting at 36,000 you would be making an excellent choice if you are looking for every good quality a truck can have all in one.


What is Super 4×4 Trucks Anyway?

Super 4×4 is a website that reviews different trucks that are already on or are coming into the market so the end user can make an informed decision about their purchase.

We help buyers go through the pros and cons of buying their favorite trucks. We will be reviewing from our own and other peoples experiences. We try to make sure you make the best purchase possible for you and your family.


2015 Ford F-150 Review

If you are thinking about purchasing a truck, you cannot go wrong with the Ford F-150. It is the best selling truck in the U.S. for a reason.  Ford has switched it up when it comes to this model. They are using a military – grade alloy in different varieties of thickness that has actually shed about 700 pounds off of the vehicle. The reason that is good is because a lighter weight truck can handle a heavier payload which would be ideal for the amazing flatbed that the Ford F-150 flat bed and also a lighter truck burn less gas.


Engine and Gas Economy

The F-150 has a newly modeled 2.7-liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine which means the fuel economy on this truck is excellent with 22mpg.

With an expensive 6 cylinder diesel engine you can expect to have 23mpg. This big fella can tow up to 12,200 pounds with a 2.7-liter’s bigger counterpart, the 3.5-liter turbo V6.


Body Style

The Ford F-150 comes In 3 different bed lengths:

  • 5 feet
  • 5 feet
  • 8 feet

In the XL model there are some cool additions. Some of them are:

  • automatic headlights
  • daytime running headlights
  • power door
  • tailgate locks
  • six speaker sound system
  • Aux cord
  • Usb port and much much more…

Ford 4x4 Trucks

In the XLT Model you have:

  • 17in alloy wheels
  • large interior storage
  • power adjustable pedals
  • 8in central touchscreen display
  • eight way power seat
  • auto dimming mirrors
  • leather wrapped steering wheel

There are so many more features with this vehicle but those are just a very few.



No matter what kind of vehicle you are getting safety should always be the number one concern especially if you have a family you are truck shopping for. The Ford F-150 has some awesome safety features. It has:

  • Anti Lock Disc Brakes
  • 360 degree multi-view cameras
  • rear cross traffic alerts
  • Inflatable rear seatbelts
  • Lane departure warning system

That is just to name a few. This car is packed with safety features.



The Ford F-150 is packed with a ton of features and it is extremely safe. If you are looking for your next truck, this is probably a great choice and with a price starting at 42,000 you can beat that.